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Start learning Blockchain development with Krypacademy and go ahead of what you are learning. Krypacademy provides helpful online courses and tools that you can use to tighten up your Blockchain knowledge. You can start as a beginner and be a profession in near future.

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We believe that everyone deserves the same education. So, no matter what you are into, you can start learning Blockchain Development from scratch.

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Reach to the top of the world by being a Master of Blockchain. Reach to the top of the world and get your dream Job or start your own Blockchain business.

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Since 2015, Krypacademy is educating students about Blockchain and How it is going to change our lives forever. Over 1000+ students have been a part of this Education by Krypacademy and over a dozen of them have started their own Blockchain Business and now changing the world.

So, Come and be a part of this revolution. We don’t want you to leave behind because we promise you to go ahead.

Beginner to Pro

It’s not a problem if you have almost zero knowledge of Blockchain. Because, with Krypacademy, you can learn from beginner and become and Professional to boost your career opportunities.

Highly Available

All the courses provided by Krypacademy are highly available. You can access our Online courses anytime, anywhere you want. There’s no restriction in learning.

Seminars & Webinars

Krypacademy organizes both Seminars and Webinars for students and even teachers who are passionate about Blockchain Development.

Help & Support

We are keen to help our students in any situation. We always want to see them grow. We are more supportive because we care about our Students.

Get the Overview
One-Day Workshop

Our One-day workshop is perfect for anyone including teachers who want to get the overview of Blockchain technology e.g. What is Blockchain, How it works, What are Cryptocurrencies and so on. In our one-day Blockchain workshop, you will get the idea of Blockchain and its related things which will help you to level up your Blockchain skills.

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Learn Blockchain Essential
Two-Day Workshop

Krypacademy’s Two-day workshop is like Blockchain essential where you get to know almost everything you ever wanted to know about Blockchain and its parts. Within this workshop, a day is reserved to teach How Blockchain can be used as the main power of anyone’s business, how secure it is and how can you build your own cryptocurrency using pre-available technologies.

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Certified 360° Blockchain Training
  • Learn Blockchain essential
  • Blockchain Development and Programming
  • Build your own Cryptocurrency from Scratch
  • How to build a Business out of Blockchain
  • How to launch a successful ICO
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Boost your Business workflow and revenue with Blockchain

Hassle free Transactions

Blockchain technology comes with so many features which you can use to minimize the cost of transactions within your business. It will help businesses to provide a stable, robust and low fees transaction system.

Supply Chain Management

The blockchain is already empowering some powerful businesses to manage their pipeline of products from manufacturing to sells.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Analytics is a great way to report all the events and conversions happening around the business. With Blockchain, businesses can use the power of distributed Artifical Intelligence to understand user behavior at very low cost.

Market Analysis and Advertising

The blockchain is not only being used for inside events but also for Marketing Analysis such as tracking your competitors and Advertising to reach more and more people.

We aim to provide a robust platform for businesses to help them grow
Our Services

Blockchain development has never been easily accessible. Here at Krypacademy, we provide a better solution for all your Blockchain needs. From Smart contracts development to Cryptocurrency and Wallet development, we provide an All-in-one solution for businesses.

Blockchain Development
Let us Design a Blockchain for you

Join hands with us and kickstart your Initial Coin Offerings to reach thousands of quality investors.

ICO Marketing
Initial Coin Offerings Marketing

Apart from Blockchain technology, Krypacademy provides Cyber Security service to help businesses secure their infrastructure and sensitive data by eliminating the further breaches.

Cyber Security
Securing Businesses Infrastructure with Robust Frameworks

Why choose Krypacademy for your Business?

Krypacademy has been there when Blockchain started its revolution. While owning a network of 10+ popular Crypto websites, Krypacademy has provided its services to more than 50+ happy businesses which are now ranking higher than their competitors.

Seminars By Krypacademy
Our Team

A tech graduated from NIT Allahabad and founder of Krypacademy. Blockchain evangelist since 2015 business and marketing consultant with a keen interest in ICOs and trading cryptocurrencies, now educating people about cryptocurrencies.

Vinay Yadav
Prabhat Chugh

Having a rich experience of human management and team handling. Brings strength to the company. Also having a network of high network Individuals.

Ayush Somani

The youngest member of Krypacademy with unique coding and development skills. He is a full stack developer.


Graduated in Computer Science and Engineering 2016 from RYMEC Ballari. Currently pursuing PhD in Dept. of IT, NITK Surathkal.


Pradeep is an electrical engineer from NIT Allahabad with vast experience in cryptocurrency trading and solidity.

A Mechie from NIT ALLAHABAD feeling a strong pull towards humanities and crypto world. Which caused him to discontinue his 3 years long job as a chemistry lecturer in resonance and become a full-time cryptocurrency trader and blockchain enthusiast.

Deepak Manral

Electrical and Electronics Engineer with a Master’s Degree from National Institute of Technology – Karnataka. Currently working as in BSNL. He has great knowledge of technical trading. Due to his excellent skills, Krypacademy can perform multiple tasks based on technical calls.

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